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Water Rights
Water Rights

Water Rights

In California, the laws surrounding agriculture and water rights are very complex and heavily regulated. As one of the most valuable resources, water plays a huge role in the success of farmers and ranchers alike. Whether you have recently acquired new farmland or simply want to better understand your water rights, it is vital to work with an experienced agricultural attorney. Christopher E. Seymour has helped clients for years understand their water rights so that they can run a successful farming or ranching operation throughout all of California, including Fresno, Madera, Tulare, Kern, Merced, Stanislaus, Kings, and San Luis Obispo counties.

Clients can face several legal situations involving water on their farm or ranch, especially when it comes to irrigation, water and drainage disputes, water quality, and surface water transfers. As an experienced California agricultural attorney, Christopher E. Seymour understands the competing uses for the state’s water and the extensive regulations that govern its use and transfer. He can help you navigate these complexities and represent you should any disputes arise over your water rights.

Water is a precious resource, especially to farmers and ranchers throughout California. For help with understanding or enforcing your water rights, turn to Christopher E. Seymour, Attorney at Law. Reach out to him today to schedule your initial consultation.