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Agricultural Construction
Agricultural Construction

Agricultural Construction

The rules and regulations of California agricultural law are complex and far-reaching. Farmers and ranchers throughout the state must comply with the laws regarding agricultural construction. This includes a variety of buildings and structures used to house livestock or produce crops. This type of construction is closely monitored in order to regulate air emissions, wastes, and prevent contamination of water and soil. If you are looking to add to your farmland, or someone has called one of your structures into question, it is vital to contact an agricultural attorney.

Christopher E. Seymour represents clients throughout all of California, including Fresno, Madera, Tulare, Kern, Merced, Stanislaus, Kings, and San Luis Obispo counties, with his agricultural law services. The laws surrounding agricultural construction account for a variety of buildings and structures including nurseries, greenhouses, farm facilities and equipment, and any new construction or renovation of existing structures. If you are facing a dispute over one of your buildings, or are looking to expand your facilities, it is beneficial to have an attorney review zoning, EPA regulations, and local laws, to make sure that you find success in your case.

Do you have questions about agricultural construction on your farmland? Reach out to Christopher E. Seymour, Attorney at Law to learn more about his legal services. Call him today to schedule your initial consultation.