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The Benefits of Hiring an Agricultural Attorney

The Benefits of Hiring an Agricultural Attorney

Agriculture plays a huge role in California’s economy, from dairy farms to cattle ranches to vineyards, farmers are central to the state’s agricultural production and contribution. Buying and operating a farm comes with not only physical and financial demands, but legal obligations and responsibilities. To ensure a successful operation, it is helpful to work with an experienced agricultural attorney and here’s why.

  1. Keep you in compliance: There are many state and federal laws surrounding agricultural development, water use, and transactions. Staying in compliance with all of these different laws can be stressful, but your attorney can keep you up-to-date as laws change or new ones take effect.
  2. Review paperwork and legal documents: Just as with any business, an agricultural operation has contracts, licenses, and other legal documents which must be in compliance with state and federal regulations, and filed at appropriate times. An attorney can oversee the creation of any vendor or employee contracts, and ensure all documents are error-free and filed with the proper authorities.
  3. Mediate disputes: While no one expects to run into a legal dispute, it is a common occurrence in business, and without experienced representation, you may face frustrating litigation in court. With the help of an agricultural attorney, you have a professional who can advocate on your behalf and attempt to mediate disputes before they escalate.
  4. Advise you on transactions and construction: Making a new equipment purchase, buying and selling agricultural land, and building new structures on your property are all big decisions which can benefit from the counsel of a knowledgeable attorney. From zoning laws to contracts, your attorney can help you make informed decisions which benefit your business operation.

When you need exceptional legal services from a knowledgeable agricultural attorney in the Clovis area, turn to Christopher E. Seymour, Attorney at Law. Reach out to his office today to schedule your free consultation.